'Corgi Cons' are a undoubtedly the world's cutest trend, and thankfully, Fort Collins got on board last fall with Tour de Corgi. Now, the gathering of the Queen of England's fave little dogs is returning to City Park on October 2.

Forget molding into the old 'cat lady' stereotype; we can't blame Queen Elizabeth for wanting to surround herself with these.

Other great gatherings include last year's NorCal Corgi Con in 'Corgifornia,' which hosted over 700 corgis in one place, and the SoCal Corgi Beach Day. I would have died from all the cuteness.

I, too, have a corgi that I will be taking to the Tour de Corgi in City Park. Well, kind of... she's only part corgi. Imagine a corgi head on a 'low-rider' body that's about the size of a yellow lab. (Our vet calls her the 'Super Corgi.')

For more information on the Fort Collins Tour de Corgi, check out the Facebook event page.