Taking place in New Zealand, this is an adventure race that makes the Amazing Race look like a walk in the park. The next GODZone Race will include a team from Colorado.

Team MONARX is comprised of all Coloradans, including Scott Mead of Berthoud. The GODZone Race teams trek more than 300 miles over seven days, facing unknown climates, terrain and obstacles. This is because the exact course that the teams must face is not released until the teams head out.

What makes it even more difficult is that the teams must provide all their own gear and food. They must pack for mountain biking, kayaking (in rapids and open water), camping in the snow, and rock climbing. They must be prepared for anything,and for anyone that has watched the Lord of the Rings, you know the New Zealand landscape is both beautiful and unforgiving.

They also are not allowed to use any outside help, and can only navigate by map and compass-- no GPS devices are allowed. Team MONARX is one of five teams from the United States, and sixty-one teams overall, one more than last year. Of the sixty that competed last year, only fifteen completed the race.

(Source: Reporter Herald)