High speed internet is something we all want more of as we connect more and more gadgets to our service. Many cities across the United States are loving the services they can offer to large companies seeking the best in broadband. Fort Collins is considering this kind of infrastructure. You can take the questionnaire in 5-10 minutes. The Broadband Strategic Plan is "Engaging citizens to develop strategies regarding the future of "Next Generation" high speed internet service within Fort Collins."

The City of Fort Collins gives this project overview:

As the demand for more advanced, reliable and affordable broadband service rises, the City must define its ongoing role in ensuring access is provided. "Next generation" high-speed internet services are becoming important infrastructure for communities in the 21st century. This demand for service is challenging local communities to develop effective strategies for connecting citizens, businesses and institutions.

In an effort to determine local citizen and business needs and desires regarding broadband, the City of Fort Collins is initiating a study to:

  • Understand the communication needs of Fort Collins' residents, businesses and educational institutions, and whether existing services and networks are keeping pace.

  • Collect benchmark data from other communities.

  • Explore options for broadband services.