There's a point in most men's lives where they start looking into hair plugs, motorcycles and convertibles. So what city in Colorado has the most men that are having the typical "midlife crisis?" went looking to answer this exact question, ranking the top 25 cities. To figure this out, they used five criteria.

- Frequency of online searches for hair club, hair transplant and other such products.

- Percentage of Craigslist searches for "men seeking women."

- Facebook users ages 35-55 who purchased a motorcycle.

- Cities with the highest ratio of divorce lawyers compared to marriage counselors.

- Convertible car sales.

The highest ranked Colorado City was Denver, coming in at 16. Denver ranked 9th and 8th in the categories of Craigslist users looking for "men seeking women," and recent motorcycle purchases.

The top five overall cities with the most men having midlife crisis were:

  1. Dallas-Fort Worth
  2. Atlanta
  3. Phoenix
  4. Miami
  5. Chicago