What does your Colorado zip code say about you? Are you a bright young professional? In style? Soccer mom? Here's an interactive website that will tell you everything you need to know about your zip code, from income, to age and more. I found that my zip code, 80526, is 22% "Bright Young Professional" followed by 15% of "In Style" and 14% "Soccer Mom."

Bright Young Professionals consist of married couples living in single family or multi-unit homes. They are described as active, educated, white collar-workers who have the up on technology.

The "In Style" segment is described as married couples with no kids that have a strong work ethic and embrace the urban lifestyle. I think we all know what defines a "Soccer Mom."

Other segments consist of Barrios Urbanos, Metro Fusion, Dorms to Diplomas, Up and Coming Families, Salt of the Earth and more. So what does your zip code say about you?

You can also compare the income, age and even population density