I drive south on Highway 287 in Loveland every day on my way to and from work. Doing so, you notice changes along the way. When they started building something behind Serious Texas B-B-Q, my curiosity was peaked. It didn’t look like it was going to be some office building. So, I got off the highway and checked it out. OH!  THAT’s where they’re going? 

Dave Jensen, TSM

The north side of Loveland is growing and growing. 71st Street is about as far as you can go, though, due to the ‘buffer’ between Loveland and Fort Collins.  Serious Texas B-B-Q has been setup there at Highway 287 and 71st for a few years, doing great.  When I saw construction going on behind them, I at first thought it might be another restaurant- the way the awning was being built.  No, it’s actually the new location for Esh’s Market.

Esh’s has been around for almost 15 years on the west side of town, off of Eisenhower in the Rainbow Plaza area. They are also in Dacono and Evans. They offer great discounts on grocery and market items.  You can find great deals on great food at Esh’s- the thing to keep in mind is that they don’t stock a whole lot. If you see it there today, it may be gone and unavailable tomorrow!  Things might change in that regard, as they’re opening up this new, much bigger, location at a cost of over $2M.

Dave Jensen, TSM

One of the biggest upgrades you’ll notice at this new Loveland location is about the parking. The west side store only has 40 parking space; the new location has 115!  Let’s go shopping!

They’ll be opening soon, as you can see! Do you think they’ll lose some of the small-feel charm?