We are getting closer to electing the next "leader of the free world," and many people turn to Google to get their political questions answered. So what political topics are Coloradoans Googling the most? The political system is confusing enough, without political candidates slinging mud at one another, and some people are taking to the internet and looking up political topics on their own to stay informed. Estately did a study to see what each state is Googling the most when it comes to political topics, and some of it is very timely and informative.

When you look at the map on Estately, you see topics like ISIS, Tax Evasion, Gun Control, Planned Parenthood, Food Stamps, and many others, along with many of the Presidential Candidates. With that being said, what do you think are the most Googled political topics in Colorado? According to the study, the number one topic Googled in Colorado is Political Correctness, followed by Fracking, the Libertarian Party, Department of the Interior, Citizens United v. FEC, renewable energy, Constitutional Amendment.