Every day there are more and more conversation about who should represent reach party, as their Presidential nominee. We discussed Fort Collins, and now let's see who Greeley is supporting with their money. According to the Federal Election Commission, Greeley's residents that are donating to political campaigns, are decidedly more Republican. The surprising thing here, is that Ben Carson, who just dropped out of the race was getting the most financial support from Greeley. He has been asking his supporters to direct their support to Donald Trump, who has only received one $291.00 donation from Greeley. However, it has been widely documented that Trump is financing his own campaign, though he is not turning donations away.

Benjamin Carson (R) – $13,138

Ted Cruz (R) – $5,640

Marco Rubio (R) – $3,525

Hillary Clinton (D) – $2,945

Bernard Sanders (D) – $2,291

Donals Trum (R) - $291.00

John Kasich (R) – $161.00