Neither of them are the' happiest place on Earth,' but neither of them are Disney World, so here is how our Northern Colorado cities ranked nationally.

MSN Money recently posted an article revealing 'The Happiest (and Most Miserable) Cities in America,' and we were (not that) surprised to see two Northern Colorado cities named in the top 25 happiest.

This was all determined by a Gallup survey of over 350,000 people, to create a 'Well-Being Index.'

At #15, is Greeley, Colorado. It has low obesity, crime and unemployment -- all good! In addition, the survey states that 'Greeley residents report having a strong sense of purpose.' [Read More]

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Close ahead at #11 is Fort Collins, Colorado, stating that almost 77% of residents 'believe their city is the perfect place for them, and 87.7% report always feeling safe.' [Read More]


No Colorado cities made the 'most miserable' list... but we'd recommend avoiding the Midwest. If you want to read up on the full study, you can read it here.