From Big Head Todd to The Fray to Nathaniel Rateliff, 888, OneRepublic, the Lumineers and more, we obviously love music in Colorado, because we've got some of the best artists. Which Colorado city just ranked one of the best in the country for music fans?


OK, that was a trick question, because there are three. Pretty cool that these cities so close to home are being recognized for having a population so passionate about what we are -- music!

According to Value Penguin, they 'looked at 15 different data points grouped into three categories' to determine which cities have the most thriving music scenes for fans. You can see the full study here. Using criteria like number of music stores, recording studios, performing arts degrees and more, Boulder, Colorado was ranked 19; Fort Collins, 23; Denver, 33.

Colorado Springs also made the top 50. NICE, Colorado!

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