The coffee scene is heating up in little ol’ Windsor, as the town announced today (March 10, 2016) that Starbucks is going to build a brand- new drive-thru in town!

Stephen Chernin, Getty Images

Coffee-- gotta have it!  Windsor does have a few coffee shops, including Dunkin Donuts which just opened in 2015, and there is a Starbucks at King Soopers.  A standalone Starbucks however, is a big deal. A trenta deal!

According to WindsorNow, Windsor announced that Starbucks is going to build at the empty lot just west of King Soopers, right off Main Street.  The cost of the project is estimated at over $1.5 million. That’s a lot of bacon-wrapped dates, yo.

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The developer is still working with the Town of Windsor on some tax incentives, so there’s no start-date on the construction. Speaking of which, brace yourself for traffic woes WHILE they build it and then AFTER-- with all those cars backed up waiting to get their day-starters!

[Source: WindsorNow]