It's every baseball players dream to be drafted by a Major League Baseball team, and one Windsor High School baseball player made history by being the first student to be get drafted out of the school. Every summer, Major League Baseball hold their annual amateur player draft, where organizations select from High Shool seniors and eligible Collage players, with an eye on building their organization.

On Saturday, Jun 12 (2016), Jake Greenwalt made history, as the first player out of Windsor High School to be selected by a Major League Baseball organization. Greenwalt was selected in the 23rd round by the San Francisco Giants. This season, the right-handed pitcher struck out 79 batters in only 55 1/3 innings and helped the team reach the Class 4A Final Four. Greenwalt, who is committed to play at Colorado Mesa, now has a decision to make, to sign and professional contract with the Giants, or attend Colorado Mesa. This is a choice that many young men have to make every year.

Many people think this would be an easy choice. To just sign the professional contract. But that is not the case. Getting selected in the later rounds, does not always come with the patients from an organization that an early pic would receive. Also, if he attends college, he has an opportunity to increase his draft status when he becomes eligible again in a few years. However, there's never a guarantee that a player will ever get drafted again. This is when a player has to gamble. Do they take an opportunity to play professional baseball now, or to they put faith in their talents and try to improve their draft status over the next few years.

Either way, congratulations so Jake for becoming the first player out of Windsor High School to be selected in the Major League Baseball Draft.

(Source: The Coloradoan)