Hearth Restaurant and Pub opened up mid-September of 2016 on the east side of bustling downtown Windsor, after going through months of remodeling to make the spot a very cool place!

Part of that remodel included providing access for the physically challenged, as the restaurant sits on the 2nd floor at the corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue.   To provide that access, they installed an elevator!

It’s great to have a place like The Hearth in Windsor. It’s not super-fancy, but yet it’s not super-casual, either. They have a small, simple and delicious menu, along with great beers and cocktails.  The balcony overlooks Main Street with a great view of the lake; while inside, it’s very sharp. I highly recommend the place for a date, after work drinks, or as a casual meeting place with friends.

It’s on the 2nd floor of their building, so they needed to install an elevator. Having done so, they’ll always be known as ‘that restaurant with the elevator.’

How many restaurants, in any Northern Colorado city, can say that?