I have heard many people who visit or move from out of state say that Colorado drivers are some of the worst in the country. Well, one proactive Colorado resident has taken it upon himself to document the worst of the worst. Youtuber ColoradoDashCam has been collecting footage from his dash cam for over a year, and he has been posting the best of the best of the worst drivers in Colorado... or maybe it would be the worst of the worst.

My wife says I don't use my horn enough when I'm driving in a pack of bad drivers, but this guy seems to attract bad drivers like a fly to fecal matter.  If he keeps it up, he's going to need a new horn... I just hope I don't see my car on any of his videos.

Check out ColoradoDashCam's best of 2015... the user also realizes he's not perfect. He even posts videos of his screw-ups as well at the end.