Who do the parents want to have dinner with?

Justin Bieber. Paul Hogan (it's an Australian video). Kylie Minogue.

The more thoughtful lady said Nelson Mandela, because he made a difference. She seemed pretty proud of herself for how considerate and world healing her answer was.

Until she heard her child's answer.

I really wanted to share this one, because it is something I want to remember forever.

It goes right along with this video that hit me in the heart over the holidays.

It feels so good to think how much we matter to our kids. I expected the kiddos to say they'd want to have dinner with Iron Man or Miley Cyrus. I was also amazed to see that the parents first thought was of a celebrity, and not of their kids.

It seems like it's too easy for a parent to forget how much their kids really just want them to spend time. They don't want money. They don't want special toys. If they can have it, all they want is our time. That's pretty great to think about.