Maybe  you've lived here your whole life.  Maybe you moved to Longmont for a job or with your family.  However you got to this city in Northern Colorado, we know that residents have stories detailing what life is like-- the things they're used to, the smells they've smelled, and the sights they've seen. 

We reached out to Longmont residents with the question, "Fill in the blank.  You know you're from Longmont when....", and we got some pretty hilarious results!

Overall, we love Longmont through good and bad, and it's pretty obvious that its residents do, too!  Here's what they had to say:


1. There are just those certain smells you'll never be able to get away from.

"You know you're from Longmont when you know what a turkey plant smells like! It was awful!!!!" --Patty Kieffer

Cate Gillon, Getty Images

2. You have those routines you'll never be able to shake.

"When you have to stop at Green Tree before you head to Walmart for groceries." --Kotacc Clements

Seth McConnell, The Denver Post via Getty Images

"Cruising main from 3rd street to Garden Acres was THE thing to do on Friday and Saturday nights!" --Francis S. McKinney

"If you hit the lights as you hit the gas on Quail Rd" --Jenn Pena

"You know you're from longmont when you have to tell people where 119 is while they're on Ken Pratt Blvd" --Dawn Lynn Nation

Ken Pratt Blvd, Google Maps

3. There's something interesting to see every day.

"You watch people jumping out of planes!" --Patty Kieffer

Getty Images, Jerry Markland

"When you walk into greenway with your crew, see a cart melded to a tree and think it's the most awesome thing ever. haha" --Kristen Coats

4. You know exactly where to go.

"If you know went to the Star View drive in" --Terri Canar Janson

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

"You know you're from Longmont when you get to eat at Subworks!" --Timmy Test

"You know at least 3 different ways to get around the trains." --Jaime Birren

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

"You know where Florida Street was" --Jenn Pena

". . . when you know where Mumfords' Corner is." --Jean Griffith Campion

Thanks to everyone in the You Know You're From Longmont... Facebook group for helping us out with these answers.  Is there anything they missed?