It's evident that the horrific news of Friday's attacks in Paris has shaken us up, and banded us together globally. Here in Northern Colorado, as FoCo's Cinderhellas played their bout against Greeley's June Cleavers, they sported '#109' on the backs of their legs to honor a skater who lost her life at the Bataclan.

'We've lost one of our own,' the announcer said at Saturday's bout, before proceeding with a moment of silence for Lola Salines of La Boucherie de Paris Roller Derby.

Cinderhella skater Ruby Snap came to the bout with Sharpies in hand, ready to give FoCo some new ink for the night.

We are devastated to learn that Lola Salines, of La Boucherie de Paris Roller Derby, lost her life in the horrendous...

Posted by Team England Roller Derby on Saturday, November 14, 2015


The roller derby community is so strong, I find it moving. In the wake of tragedy, they think of each other, even if they are half way across the world; they're all on one big team.

When I first met them back in September, Hermione Danger, Skater Bater, Boss Mam and Unchained Malady said that roller derby is a 'skaterhood.' Sure, you may not find that term in a dictionary, but the 'skaterhood' they were talking about is absolutely real, and present, now more than ever.

Check out the photos from Saturday's bout courtesy of Gil Cromeens.