When John Elway was drafted, so were Dan Marino and Jim Kelly.

It's known in football as the quarterback draft of '83, and just like the draft that happened in basketball the next year, it would have implications for years to come.

The expectations were high, and as their careers went on, none of the highly touted QB's could win a Super Bowl trophy.

Elway had proven time and time again that he was great. He was well known for being one of the best at staging last minute, dramatic comebacks, including the one in 1987 in the AFC Championship game after the Browns fumbled on the one yard line and John led them down the field and to the Super Bowl.

They lost that game to that year's heir apparent, the Washington Redskins, a tough team that wouldn't be denied.

Then, Elway didn't see the post season for a long time. When he finally did, it was to win not one, but two, Super Bowls in a row before striding off the field into history. Talk about a storybook ending!

It was amazing, almost like it was scripted.

And here we are again.

Just like when Elway was winning back to back trophies and the world wanted to love the quarterback, the love for Peyton, and the hopes that he'll win the game and ride off into the sunset will be strong.

Peyton has been a fan favorite since his days in Tennessee, because he's a classic QB. Just like some of the guys from the class of '83, whose records he would break, whether or not you were a Colts fan or a Broncos fan, if you like football, then you almost have to like Peyton Manning.

And you have to love his chances of winning, and retiring a champion. It doesn't happen very often that the marquis player in the marquis position is right at the end of his career, ready to win his last game for a Super Bowl championship.

Like Broncos player Chris Harris said in the post game interview:

God couldn't have written the story any better for Peyton.

Let's just hope that it all happens the way we expect it will!

Peyton Manning has not announced his retirement. This article was written with the speculation that if he wins the big game, he probably will retire.