A skier who allegedly tossed a snowboarder from the chairlift will be charged with a crime, if they successfully locate the man, Pitkin County Sheriff's office said.

In a story that kind of sounds like it came from The Onion, a snowboarder and skier were riding a lift together at Aspen Highlands, when the snowboarder said something that offended the skier. Don't stop me, because even though you think you have, you really have not heard this before.

The comment had something to do with face shots of powder, and who gets the better ones, skiers or snowboarders. It's a bit hazy, as many things with snowboarding are.

What the snowboarder said apparently offended the man so much that the skier pushed the boarder off the chair, who then fell 25 feet to the soft snow. Since it was so soft, he landed unharmed, and didn't report the incident right away.

Why he didn't report it right away is unclear. However, it seems that others can confirm that the incident did happen, depsite the fact that it went unreported for just the amount of time to make it really difficult for authorities to find the skier in question.

Now, according to our friends at TheDenverChannel.com, authorities have identified a possible suspect based on surveillance video at the bottom of the mountain. The resort has given information from scanners at two chairlifts to the sheriff's department. and the Pitkin County Sheriff's department has interviewed the snowboarder, witnesses and may have even found the skier in question.