Will you amend your Super Bowl Sunday plans because the Broncos are in the big game?

I've done this in the past, when the Steelers were in the game.

Super Bowl parties are nice, but if you go to one and don't grab one of the choice seats that face the tv, have a spot for your snack and drink, you could end up on the floor, in an uncomfortable patio chair that was obviously moved indoors for the game, or, even worse, in a chair that doesn't give you a good view of the action.

For many Super Bowls, this is okay. Our team isn't in it. We're upset about that fact, and therefore will hate anyone who does win it, and it turns into a social event where the game doesn't matter as much.

However, when your team is in it, don't you want to see the whole thing unfold.

I know of quite a few people who said that they won't be going to a Super Bowl party because they don't want to risk getting a bad seat, or because other aspects will distract them from the game. So, they are watching it at home.

How about you?