Our staff says, 'Nothing.' But, that's not completely right. How far does $100 actually go in each state? 

According to Huffington Post, a study done by Tax Foundation estimated that $100 in Colorado is valued at $98. Not great, but not horrible... until you realize what a Benjamin actually gets you in town.

Taxfoundation.org via The Huffington Post - Click to see full infographic.

Numbeo's cost of living statistics report that in Fort Collins, $100 could get you, on average, two pairs of new jeans, or less than two months of basic internet service with no cable. With average rent sitting at $1,031.25 per month, that $100 will get you 1/10 of your rent. On top of that, if you're working for Colorado's $8.31 minimum wage... yikes.

On the bright side, gas prices have dropped just below $2 per gallon locally, so your $100 may go pretty far there, depending on your vehicle, or you could go get yourself 35 gallons of milk, instead.

Harsh as that is, it could be worse. To little surprise, California, New York and Hawaii are making Colorado look like a bargain state.

Not happy? Maybe consider relocating to South Dakota or Arkansas. Just kidding, we wouldn't want to either.