Read it and weep...

The Huffington Post recently shared a report from a mortgage and home loan site,, that gave us some insight on what your salary needs to be in order to buy a home in several major cities all across the nation, Denver included.

According to the report, you should be pulling in about $73,000 per year to be able to buy a house in Colorado. Excuse me while I go look into those cool van house things, once again. And cry.


Via Click for full map.

On the bright side, it could always be worse. You could be living in a place that was built on a fault line, and could be struck by a devastating earthquake or break off into the Pacific Ocean at any given moment. In that case, your salary would need to be about $163,000 per year to buy a home that could be leveled by Mother Nature in a matter of minutes. Just saying, San Fran.