A new study recently came out, ranking all the states in their order of how addicted they are to gambling. Some states are obvious, but as a state that does have casinos, where do you think Colorado falls? WalletHub teamed with experts to determine what residents in each state are the most addicted to gambling in 2016.

It's not surprising that the state that has Las Vegas and Reno came in at #1, with Nevada ranking #2 when it comes to "Gambling Friendliness" and #12 for "Gambling Problems and Treatment." But just because your state offers gambling it doesn't mean you're necessarily going to have an addiction problem.

With Colorado the home to many "gambling towns" like Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, you may expect us to rank higher on the list. Colorado game in as the 19th most addicted state, ranking #14 with "Gambling Friendliness" and #34 for "Gambling Problems and Treatment."

Not surprisingly, Utah came in dead last, with them having the fewest casinos, gaming machines and lottery sales per capita. What is interesting about Utah, is though they are #49 when it comes to "Gambling Friendliness," they rank a surprising #19 in "Gambling Problems and Treatment."

(Source: WalletHub)