With Virtual Reality (VR) becoming the hottest tech, and expected to dominate entertainment, one amusement park is merging this state of the art technology with a fan staple. According to Mashable, Alton Towers in England, is adding VR headsets to one of their older rides, in an attempt to catapult it into the future.

The Galactica is set to open next month (April, 2016), and is touted with being the "worlds first roller coaster fully dedicated to virtual reality." The ride is an inverted coaster (track above the rider, who is lying face down), with all the twist, turns and loops you would expect. However, what makes the Galactica unique, is the VR headsets. So while you're riding the coaster, you'll be immersed in the sights and sound, of a perfectly synced trip of you soaring thorough the cosmos.

I don't know about you, but this sound like a puke fest waiting to happen. But I'm crazy excited that someone is trying such an innovative way of implementing VR.