The yahoos at Yahoo made a list of the most scenic drives in all 50 states. Do you agree with what they said about Colorado?


I'm not sure that I do, but who could really know? This is a pretty objective topic, and from Mesa Verde to the Rocky Mountains, it's not like Colorado doesn't have a ton of scenic drives to pick from (in fact, Goldberg chose three). Yahoo, however, crowned the drive near Pikes Peak as our victor.

I, personally, would have chosen the stretch of HWY 270 that runs through Commerce City. Or, that stretch of 76 that takes you out east to Sterling. Speaking of Sterling, kudos to Yahoo, who found a scenic drive in Nebraska worth noting.

Obviously, I'm kidding.

I'm sure that Pikes Peak is totally worthy... but the farthest south I have ever lived is north Denver, I don't know a whole lot about that area.

When I want a good scenic drive, I love to head north on 287 out of Fort Collins, towards the Wyoming border. I also enjoy driving just west of town past Horsetooth Reservoir, and looking over the light of the city at night. (Also a great place to make out... I hear...).

You can see Yahoo's full list here.