Browsing Craigslist is always a fun activity – especially checking out the free section to see the unusual things that people are giving away. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Here are some of the interesting freebie finds around Northern Colorado.

  • 1

    Free Decorative Tree Stump

    Very decorative indeed.

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 2

    Five Free Ben Carson Books

    Handy if you're planning a bonfire...

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 3

    Over-Sized Bourbon Bottle

    If you're trying to find a conversation piece for the living room, this over-sized plastic bottle will definitely stand out to guests.

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 4

    Broken Mini-Fridge

    A mini-fridge is definitely sweet to score for free – however, unless you're a handyman, you'll have to pay someone to get it working again. Warm beer anyone?

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 6

    Free Small Plastic Garbage Bin

    In this case, someone's trash really could be someone else's treasure.

    Credit: Craigslist