One of the most anticipated movies of the Summer is hitting theaters this weekend, and as much as I loved the original, it got me thinking. What if Finding Dory was made to target a more adult audience?

It's not a crazy idea, since many movie studios are focusing on going darker and grittier with their subject matter. Think about it-- how often are you watching a Disney or Dreamworks movie that's targeted towards kids, when all of a sudden a joke targeted at adults pops up? Need I mention the "size doesn't matter" joke in Frozen?

So it got me thinking, with Finding Dory coming out, a direct sequel to Finding Nemo, what would it sound like if they went for a more adult audience? Finding Nemo came out in 2003. That means that a 5-year-old child at the time of its release is now 18. Old enough to watch an R-rated movie... and with so many TV shows and movies providing more adult entertainment via animation, like Archer, South Park, and the upcoming Sausage Party, why not take a shot at making the first ever R-rated Pixar movie?

Excited for the possibilities, I decided to see how Finding Dory would look if directed by someone like Quentin Tarantino.