Many parents go to the extreme when it comes to protecting their children, and many companies that are popping up across the country have a shocking new service that parents are utilizing. As a parent of a soon to be teenager, you do what you can to prepare your child for the influences and pressures they are inevitably going to come in contact with. We believe that we do all we can, and that when they are faced with these choices, they will make the correct ones. However, there is no way to guarantee that they will always stay on the straight and narrow.

This is the reason companies all over the country are popping up, that offer a particular service, designed to enlighten parents. Private K9 search companies offer their service, of bringing trained drug sniffing dogs into your home, to search for any drugs. One family, suspecting their son was smoking pot, brought in the K9 service when he was at school. The parents believed their son most likely had smoked a few joints, but what they discovered astounded them. The trained German Shepherd shot up to their sons room, and discovered four grams of heroin, tucked into a pair of tube socks.

According to the Courier Journal, this companies usually find something 90 percent of the time. That statistic is mind-blowing to me, that that many kids are hiding their drug use from their parents. Owners of these companies, note the lengths and creativity children go through, to hide their "stashes." However, where parents can be fooled, the dogs are not.

As a parent, in the past, I don't think I would have ever considered anything like this. However, as my daughters get older, and as you question their other influences. I can see how this kind of service may come in handy.