It's going to take an epic amount of stupid to take the crown from this 17-year-old, for the title of the dumbest criminal in 2016, and it's only January. According to Fox 29, Jason Donte Hayes, of Nether Providence, was arrested after he broke into an elderly woman's home and tried to rob her at gunpoint. When the woman

Nether Providence Police Department

didn't have any money in her home, Hayes drove her to an ATM and demanded she withdraw $2,000. However, the ATM would only allow the woman to take out $460. Not satisfied, Hayes drove with the woman back to her home, woke her husband, and told them to meet him the next day at 9 a.m., in a shopping center parking lot, with the remaining $1,500. He told the woman to not contact the police, and that she would be able to recognize him, because he would be wearing the same clothing. Of course, the victims called the authorities, and they were waiting for him, and he was easy to pick out, they knew exactly what he was wearing.

Hayes is being charged as an adult with the crimes of "Robbery, Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Unlawful Restraint, Terroristic Threats, Possession of an Instrument of Crime, False Imprisonment, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Simple Assault, Theft by Unlawful Taking, Receiving Stolen Property, Criminal Mischief and Loitering and Prowling at Night Time." Is it just me, or does it sound like they are throwing the book at him?