When did getting robbed, not become an expected result, when taking a strange woman to your hotel room? Early Saturday morning (November, 28), two people were arrested at a Windsor residence, for allegedly robbing a man Friday night at gunpoint. According to the Coloradoan, the victim invited a woman to his hotel room, located at the Americas Best Value Inn on East Mulberry Street. The woman then called a friend, around 7 p.m., who then arrived and pointed a firearm in the face of the victim. They then proceeded to steal several hundred dollars from the victim.

I can't wait to hear more on this story, as information is released. I'm eager to hear how the "victim" portrays the circumstances of them getting robber at gunpoint. Also, I don't think I'll use the word "victim" to describe the person who was robbed, I think you lose that right when you no longer act with common sense.