A man was pulled over by an individual pretending to be a police officer, and proceeded to steal the drivers wallet. According to the Reporter Herald, the victim was pulled over in Evans on Sunday evening (December, 13, 2015), by a dark SUV, with red and blue flashing lights that were in the grill and dashboard. After pulling the driver over, the fake police officer proceeded to take the drivers wallet, and speed away.

The victim was unable to identify the impersonator, other than that it was a man from their voice. This was due to the fake cop using a spotlight to impair the drivers vision.

If you have any information involving this, or other incidents of a police impersonator, please call Sgt. Dan Ranous at 970-475-1144. Police are also advising motorists to drive to a well lit area, or contact the police if you are unsure of the legitimacy of a traffic stop.