Many in Northern Colorado spent Memorial Day on the lake, swimming, boating, fishing... and while Goldberg and his family were fishing on Boyd Lake, a 4-foot snake came swimming up to them. Needless to say, our family was shocked at first when our oldest daughter shouted out, "There's something in the water!" Only a few minutes after we set up our spot Monday afternoon, we were stunned to see what looked to be a very large snake swimming directly at us.

Not knowing what kind of snake it was, we made some noise in an attempt to scare the creature into changing its course... that did not work. Not only did the snake keep swimming right at us, but once it made land, it began to slither towards us. My wife correctly pointed out that it was a Bull snake, and there was nothing to be afraid of. After scoping us out for a few seconds, the snake turned around and entered some high grass where is just hung out, eventually entering a hole in the ground that we can only assume to be its home.

It made for an interesting experience and was not the way we expected to start our day of fishing. With a swimming beach not far from where we were, I can just imagine the reaction if this snake came swimming up to some kid playing in the water.