As I was going around Youtube the other day, looking for some videos to make me laugh out loud, I came across a video blogger who did just that. And the best part? She's from Greeley!

I want to introduce you to Kassidee, whose Youtube channel is simple known as "itsmekassidee".

First off...once you get there...subscribe to her videos and watch them non stop. You won't regret it.

Second...I am super excited that someone with this much Youtube and "vlogging" creativity lives in our own very backyard!

We all know what parenting is like. Most of us deal with the pressures, the craziness, and the fun that comes with being a parent.

What's great about Kassidee's videos is that she is REAL. And she experiences everything that all of us as a parent, no matter if you are a dad or mom, go through on a daily basis.

Want to see the real side of parenting? Check out some of these videos that she has posted recently:

('s the real side of parenting! I can remember the times my boys thought it was funny to lick the cement!)

(Have you gotten an adult coloring book before?)

(Have you experienced this parenting first yet?)

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