Still reveling from their Super Bowl victory, many of the Broncos players are now spending the off-season celebrating with friends and family, traveling, and just letting loose a little. Denver linebacker, Von Miller, has spent most of his time off in Texas, surrounded by lots and lots of chicks – although, probably not the one's that you're picturing in your head.

Miller owns an eight-acre property in Dallas, on which sits a 3,000 square foot coop, that is currently housing about 40 to 50 chickens. His plan when it comes time to retire from the league? To become a successful chicken farmer.

His passion for poultry began while in college at Texas A&M, where Miller studied meat production and even raised baby chicks for class credit. Miller's interest kept building as he learned more and more, and he started to feel like he had found his niche in life (along with being a badass football player). Now, he wants to do things all on his own – starting off small, but eventually taking it to the next level and going commercial with his humane chicken farm. Having already made somewhere around $30 million dollars in his football career thus far, it doesn't really seem like the champion linebacker needs to worry much about what's next. However, once his time in the NFL is over, it seems as though his career will be going to the birds. Miller is pumped to add being a part of another multi-billion dollar industry to his plate, and hopes to get his family involved too.

Von is not shy about his love for chickens. His Instagram page is full of farm photos, and he even has a chicken drumstick, as well as a rooster, tattooed on his body. As of now, the birds living at Miller Farms are pretty much just pets for the football player, and are not used for eating. It will be interesting to see how his dream of having a large-scale poultry operation plays out — it definitely sounds like an egg-cellent idea!