This weekend was dominated by the fact that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady FINALLY faced off as two of the greatest competitors in the NFL, and they played a rousing match  It's called football, right?

OK, OK, so I'm not THAT clueless when it comes to sports, but I'm certainly not as good at talking stats as Justin Tyler, our Operations Manager who also DJs on The Point and TRI 102.5.

The only catch?  He's a massive Patriots fan.  He loves Tom Brady and all the tears he cries, and he'll defend his guy to the very end.  He came into my office to talk more about the game this weekend, and you can see our debate above.

Surprisingly, though, in the video above we talked more about Rob Gronkowski (who I called Kronk and not Gronk), how Brock Osweiler looks a lot like Robert Pattinson, and what major blanket company should really consider making a partnership with the NFL.

Also, back me up here, everyone-- I am NOT the only one who watches Friday Night Lights!