Before you suit up in your  jersey for the BIG GAME, you might want to give this a read if you are the type who has to match the team come game day!

The cheering began yesterday afternoon when our beloved Denver Broncos took out the New England Patriots and making it a very hard day for Tom Brady's team in an 18-20 victory sending them to Santa Clara, CA.

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We're ready for Cam Newton's Panthers, there is no doubt about it. One question that we all have is what uniforms will the Broncos be dawning in their appearance at the BIG GAME? The orange home uniforms have not been doing it for the Broncos when it comes championship game time...

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Remember two years ago? Where the Seahawks ran over us in a heart crushing 43-8 loss? Yeah, I don't want to remember that either, but it is kind of hard to forget. I was living in Florida at the time and had so much confidence in my team we booked our flights back to Denver to watch the game with our friends. We did end up going to the BIG GAME, but the outcome was far from expected. I sat on my friend's staircase the entire time watching the game after the first snap resulting in a blindsiding safety. I was more than bummed and you guessed it, the Broncos were wearing orange... According to Broncos Wire, when it comes to the BIG GAME and wearing orange, the Broncos are a staggering are 0-4. Now, I'm not one for superstitions, but orange cannot happen two Sundays from now, it just can't! Coloradoans and Broncos fans all over the world want to see that Lombardi come home to the Mile High City!

When it comes to the BIG GAME the only two options for uniforms that have been proven tried and true. The alternate blue and orange in which the Broncos have won BIG GAME were worn, under now Executive Vice President and General Manager John Elway as the Broncos Quarterback.

It was Denver's first BIG GAME victory! The very next year we would make another appearance and clinch another victory, this time in the white away uniforms. Speaking of away uniforms, the Broncos tied a franchise record this year with a 6-2 win/loss record for away games. Something certainly to be proud of as a fan!

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So now we sit and wait for February 7th 2016 in Santa Clara, CA. the day our white away uniforms make their way back to the BIG GAME!

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As for the Carolina Panthers, they will be suited in up black jerseys and more than likely silver pants.

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The last time that Peyton Manning and Cam Newton went head to head was November 11, 2012 in Charlotte where the Broncos pulled off a victory of 36-14 against the Panthers. While the Broncos will not be wearing their home uniforms com February 7th, we will all be here in Colorado glued to the televisions intently watching in ours, as always, UNITED IN ORANGE!