With the 2016 Presidential election getting closer and both political parties locked in heated debates on who should represent them, I thought it would be interesting to see which candidate has been getting the most financial support from Fort Collins residents.

A lot of these funds come from not businesses, not lobbyists, but the people who are in our community.

According to the Federal Election Commission, the majority of money that has been donated by individuals who are classified as "Fort Collins" residents has been going towards candidates in the Democratic party.

Listed below are the candidates of both parties, listed in order of most to least money raised in Fort Collins. The first number is how much the candidate has collected in campaign donation in Fort Collins, followed by a number is ($) that represents how much the candidate has collected in the State of Colorado.

Bernard Sanders (D) - $37,048 ($672,999)

Hillary Clinton (D) - $30,071 ($2,192,495)

Benjamin Carson (R) - $22,375 ($634,521)

Ted Cruz (R) - $15,727 ($527,798)

John Kasich (R) - $4,375 ($47,215)

Marco Rubio (R) - $3,105 ($499,556)

You may be asking... where is Trump?

Donald Trump has been campaigning mostly on his own dollar, however he is accepting financial contributions from his supporters. According to the FEC, Trump has not received any contributions from "Fort Collins" residences, however he has received $46,899 in total contributions from Colorado residences.