One of the most memorable, and expensive events of ones life is their wedding, and there's one company that wants to help foot the bill, with a catch. SwanLuv, is a website that wants to pay for your wedding, up to $10,000 for FREE, but you better make sure you're in it for the long haul. So where do they come up with the money to pay for all these free wedding? Well, by people who don't stay married. The catch is, that if you accept the money, then get divorced, you have to pay back the money, with interest.

The Seattle based company, uses online data and algorithm software to address the risk of the applicants to determine the funding offer, including the amount and interest rate. If you say together, you never have to pay anything back... and there are no hidden fees. If you split, it's going to cost you. Applicants have to be planning to get married in the next two years, and fill out a survey that is used in the above mentioned algorithm.

The cool part, is that the company is not planning to profit from failing marriages, they are actually rooting for you to make it, and offer free marriage counseling. 100% of the money that is paid back, and the interest, is invested to pay for other couples weddings. SwanLuv makes all of its revenue from advertising and partnerships.

So far that have many people that have applied for funds, and the site is officially launching and sending out money in less that 60-days. So if you're interested, get your application in.